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I am an aspiring computer science/game dev major, who spends more time in TF2 than is healthy. I encourage you to send me a friend invite and duel me, especially if you play competitively, as I need someone to kick my butt a few times.
So I passed all my classes, and I'm out of school for the summer. However, this friday will mark my permanently leaving my high school. I'll be graduating tomorrow, and with an honour cord of all things! I dont feel any different, but we'll see if that changes at graduation, or the lock-in at... hang on. What do you call these things? We've got a lock-in at Dave and Buster's, which is essentially an arcade, a pub, and a movie theater game room all wrapped up into one. I was originally going to write this tomorrow night, but I'll be preoccupied battling my friends at the air hockey table.
Its nice to be out for the summer. I got my raise at work, and am planning on switching to 30-40 hour work weeks in order to afford college (one year at a community to bring up my GPA, and then a transfer to a tech school), and doing what ever I'm in the mood for when I am not at work. And if I can get a ride/get my license and a car.

On to ponies. I'm a tad behind the times on quite a lot, so if there is anything major I should know about, tell me in the comments! However, the list of things I DO know about, or am planning to do includes: Downloading and watching all of Season 3 (Only actually watched three-ish episodes when they aired), and the seemingly very controversial topic of Equestria Girls. To be brutally honest, I dont see what the issue there is. So they're making a humanized movie/TV show (I dont actually know which it is yet). I really dont see why it makes a difference. While we do watch it, we seem to forget that MLP is, contrary to popular belief, still a children's show, and for girls at that. That is the audience they've aimed for, and that is the audience they will continue to aim for. EqG is simply a way to get the kids to relate to the characters, become more attached, and in the end, deliver decent morals and entertainment to the young'ns, and profit to the company. Not everything they produce will be a nod to the fandom, and not everything will be based off what the fandom wants. Simple as that. Its not like they're getting rid of the actual show, and replacing it with EqG.

On a less dreary note, I'm planning on putting out some work soon :D It'll be something relatively new for me, but the ideas are infectious, and I cant get them out of my head, which is nice. Its been a while since I've been so stuck on a good idea :) Of course it probably helps that I feel like my old addiction to the show is returning :D

Also in the headlines, I'd like to congratulate :iconfirestorm-can: for both surviving school on his end, and working with what I presume to be a large crew (going off my convention experience) on bringing  BronyCAN to the masses (or at least, the locals!), and of course a very late but happy birthday!
Recognition also goes out to everyone who has left me encouraging messages on my works, as they were fun to read and reply to (despite my being late with pretty much every single one of them). If you're wondering why I am putting out a small paragraph on him, its because he was one of the first people I met online that I shared the passion for ponies with. Over the months, I have viewed him less and less as an acquaintance on a forum, and more and more as a very good friend. He has been their for me, and thats all I can ever ask of my friends. While I know a large number of people online, He is the first one I have every truly called a friend.

Also, I'd like to thank Hasbro, the crew behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, everyone who has worked on it, spread it, and that one guy on KOTH_Harvest with the Rainbow Dash spray that got me started on this slippery slope 2(?, too tired for numbers atm) years ago. To be brutally honest, before the show came around, I wasn't that great of a person. To still be honest, I still dont think I am. But I think I've at least improved since I began to watch the show. Believe it or not, I went through a mild emo phase my freshman year of high school. I dressed like a bum, acted like a bum, and I have no idea how I had any friends then. Sophomore year, I was just your typical looser with a D-F grade average and a bad attitude. December of my 10th grade year though, I was playing TF2 on KOTH_Harvest. There were two people in the server: Me, and someone whose name I wish I remembered. We had a mild scout duel, and he put up a spray of Rainbow Dash's salute. Until then, I'd not heard of the show. Bu he put that one, solitary thought in the back of my head. And boy did it grow. That summer, I watched the entire first season, and I was hooked. I started looking around the communities online, and found Equestria Daily. Soon after I found it, and saw the amazing works they posted every day, I felt like I was a freeloader. Like I just HAD to do something in order to be worthy of calling myself a fan. So I downloaded gimp, and began to play around with it. I wanted two things: A persona in the community, and a new spray for TF2. I have both now, but in the process, I gained something much more important to me: morals and manners. I began to question if what I was doing was the right thing, if I was being the best person I could be. I will be the first to say that I still have lapses during which I wont be the person I'd like to be. I still have moments of rudeness and such. However, I am proud to say that they are much fewer and far between. I feel than I am a better person, and it is all because of one show for little girls. I am proud to say that I have a favorite pony, and that when the chance presents itself, I buy Pony merchandise (I just bough the Soarin' Blind Bag actually :D), and that this show is truly a great thing.
Looking back on it all, my life would be very different without ponies.
Also looking back, thats quite a brick wall I've written xD I'll try to keep the rest short!

On the topic of TF2, I'm hoping that I'll have enough time to regain some of the little skill I had before I stopped playing for a few months. I'm planning on going to a 'Local' LAN tournament in July, and I'd like to not be the worst player there! Also, I say local because people from other states have come to play, including some well-known competitive players such as PYYYOUR (whom I will cheerfully admit scares me shitless, having watched him play). This'll be my first LAN, and I'm both atnicipating it and dreading it. However, I'll have a new computer for it (Hand build with love and blood and faulty hardware!), so I'll be forced to admit that I suck rather than blaming it on lag!

Anywho, thank you all for doing what you do!

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