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EDIT: If something breaks, tell me what it is, and if you can, how it happened so I can tear out more of what used to be my beautiful hair.

Dear VALVe:
I know how you feel when you make an update. There are always a billion tiny things that you forgot or left off or left on that need to be fixed that you never notice until you try to put the damn thing together and finish it.
That being said, all development groups must have amazing healthcare packages, because this kind of stress on a daily basis can not be healthy at all.

Theres a bright side to this, and a horrible dark side to this update! The bright side is, I've actually been productive, and gotten this page done! The dark side is, the Skills page is next. Celestia help me...

About this stage: Its actually broken, but I honestly have no idea how or even if it can be fixed. The real PB3K in Fallout can swap between tabs, and keep the last selection selected. I can't do that in flash to my knowledge, so it resets every time you switch to another page. Annoying, but like I said, I dont know if it can even be fixed.

Lastly, I really hate this project xD When I first came up with it, it sounded great! Make a pipbuck thats interactive for my DA ID, it'll be easy, a few frames in gimp thrown into flash for the interactive part!
I only wish it was that easy now.

My Little Pony (C) Hasbro, Fallout (C) Bethesda Software
blackmorn Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Nice job. As a Crossroads roleplayer This would be very useful if I could customize it for my own characters :D but i doubt that would happen.

Love Fallout Love MLP love Fallout Equestria.

Keep up the good work.
ThaddeusC Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
As a table-top RPGer myself, I know that feeling xD
While theres no way I could make a fully customizable version of this without re-creating each frame individually, I plan on learning how to make flash documents than can do inputs and outputs for a pony RPG I want to make. It'll probably be one of the many summer projects I've got planned (along with a green Pipbuck with Little Pip's info on it).
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April 5, 2012
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